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akimuse akimuse * profile

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Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Glass picture artist

10.21 Born in Kanagawa ken. Graduated Musashino Academia Musicae.
Started work in 1998 as a radio personality for FM Yokohama.
In the same year, appeared as a regular on a music program called MXTV “Sugiyama Akiko Music Space.”
In 2000, her debut album “Reolima” (Tokuma Japan), with all original songs, was released.
In 2001, aki joined “Arakinema,” a project composed of images by photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and music by composer Fumio Yasuda, as a vocalist, and the screenings and DVDs of “BLUE PERIOD” and “LAST SUMMER” in Tokyo, London and Paris in 2005 garnered high praise.
aki participated as a vocalist in the DVD “Arakinema/Siki in me” in September 2006, and the DVD “Arakinema/JULY” in October, costarring with Theo Bleckmann and breaking new ground.
In the same month, all of the Arakinema music in which aki participated was screened at the exhibition “Nobuyuki Araki/Tokyo Life” held at the Edo Tokyo Museum.
In 2007, participated as a solo vocalist in “Arakinema,” graphic piece by Nobuyoshi Araki at the request of Chanel (scheduled to be screened in over 10 countries worldwide).
In the same year, selected as a vocalist for the title song of a Japan-China joint movie, “Wild Cherries” (scheduled for showing in China in 2007 and in Japan in 2008)
aki is also active as a glass picture artist; she won the Japan-France Modern Artist Exhibition Artistes d'Aujourd'hui Franco-Japonais (galerie Fine Arts) in July 2006, and will submit entries in the Tokyo exhibition “O Museum” and the Paris exhibition “galerie Atelier Visconti.”
In September of the same year, a display was held along with Andy Warhol and Yayoi Kusama in the “NY POP ART exhibition” at Omotesando Hills Gallery 80 and was received well.

She uses a very unique language called “aki” and created a new genre called “vocal voice,” and is active as a multi artist by further creating a unique world view in each of the fields of piano playing and singing, song writing, and glass picture art.

*aki’s songs use a unique language called “aki” that is unlike any other language. “aki” is a method of expression in aki’s songs, and it is a language of ultimate healing which expresses subtle nuances that are born in an instant and cannot be described in words, while providing comfort in the feel of the language.

akimuse web site: http://www.aki21.com
akimuse blog: http://ameblo.jp/akimishu21
akimuse youtube: http://www.youtube.com/akimuse

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